La música tradicional de Castilla y León
sus instrumentos sus bailes y sus canciones

Vanesa Muela Solo

encastilla"En Castilla" was his first album, recorded at the age of eight. The musicians who accompanied her they called Agora and some of its members were the founders of the popular "Celtas Cortos" group. With Agora, Vanessa has been working for three years across the country.


valladoliddeabajo"En Valladolid de Abajo" With a greater vocal maturity, Vanessa introduced the media this record. He was then nineteen. The album was made up of thirteen traditional songs in Castilla y León. It was a record run from a very traditional view, which had the help of some friends, as Juan Pablo González with bagpipe and drum , Germán Díaz with zanfona and Conchi Hernández with accordion .

Generacionespontanea"Generación Espontánea" Recorded at Covenant studies, Fuentes de Nava (Palencia), was presented on April 24, 2005, in The House of Arts of Laguna de Duero (Valladolid). The album featured the collaboration of many traditional musicians as Miguel Cadavieco or Wafir Shaikneldin Sudanese multi-instrumentalist .


garabitense"Garabítense" recorded at Barlovento Urueña studies in 2010. You can enjoy the voice, freshness, power and artistic sensibility of the singer. The garabitar verb refers to the action of wiggling and moving around a lot and is a word that is commonly used in the region of Tierra de Campos, which covers the provinces of León, Zamora, Palencia and Valladolid.

The disc is devoted entirely to the repertoire of traditional dance in Castile and León: jotas, agarraos, rumbas, seguidillas, fandangos, charros, sorteaos and corridos. It involves many musician friends Vanessa, already enshrined in the world of traditional music such as: Alberto Jambrina and Pablo Madrid, Wafir Shaikheldin, Paco Díez , La Ronda de Motilleja, the dulzainero Fernando Llorente of The Talaos or the Atalaya Soria group. Now you can become the latest work of Vanessa Grind through this website.

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Fecha Evento Lugar
18.08 Masterclass III Festival Iborica Folk, Bohonal de Ibor (Cáceres)Casa de Cultura
27.10 Tolbaños de Arriba (Burgos)Por determinar
03.11 CIEZA, Murcia.por determinar


Fecha Evento Lugar
09.08 Ciclo Emplazados, ValladolidPlaza Watemberg
11.08 Navas de Oro( Segovia). Concierto con bailadores.La Torre
12.08 Villalobón (Palencia)Plaza Mayor
13.08 Pontevedra, Concierto con SonDeSeupor determinar
15.08 Pontevedra, Concierto con OdaikoPlaza da Ferraría
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