La música tradicional de Castilla y León
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Vanesa Muela, Activities

Outreach concerts and folk music, and teach courses on instruments of various types, focus the work of Vanesa Muela. You can check this website the next scheduled concerts , and other information and news that produces the activity of this artist.


More than 3,000 performances around the country and in countries like Portugal, Italy, France and Greece show the intense activity of Vanesa Muela.

Their repertoire takes themes of the nine provinces of Castilla y León, the mountains, the mountains and the plateau : jotas, cantos de trabajo, de navidad, de carnaval, charros, rumbas, ligeros, agarrados, fandangos, seguidillas, rondas, corridos, romances or charradas ... showing great richness and variety of folklore.

Moreover, in concert accompanied by twenty traditional instruments : guitar, rebec, tambourine, tambourine square, shells, sieve, carajillo, zambomba, darbouka and various kitchen tools like a mortar, spoons, pan or lid pot.

Also usually is accompanied by a pair of dancing traditional dance that goes some of the songs she sings and plays Vanesa, going dressed in old clothes of different regions of the province of Valladolid. The symbiosis of singing and dancing make the show an hour and a half hours is very complete and very entertaining .

Courses and teaching and outreach activities

Is presenting national folklore festivals since he was fifteen, and gives educational concerts and workshops approach to popular culture in schools and colleges, both for children and adolescents, since I was twenty.

Also teaches percussion instruments cooking, tambourine and tambourines from eighteen, having given up today over two hundred courses to people of all ages and all over the Spanish State.


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